Our CEO Testifies in Front of Congress

Recently, our Founder & CEO flew to Washington, DC, to testify in front of Congress about the benefits of Light Therapy as an alternative to opioids. Our CEO is so passionate about creating access to this technology for everyone. But it’s not enough to give access to folks at the retail level. We have to make it clear to our elected officials and lawmakers that Light Therapy is part and parcel to tackling the Opioid Crisis.


David, why did you decide to fly to Washington on your own dime?

After immersing myself in the clinical research on photobiomodulation (Light Therapy), I felt it was time to stand up for what I believed in and what clinical researchers have shown us. This technology works and helps us to live a longer, happier life without drugs or harmful side effects. 

Why do you think Light Therapy can fight the Opioid Crisis?

I’m living proof that Light Therapy works. After finding a tumor in my chest, I underwent thoracic surgery to remove it and had such pain I could hardly bear it. Only Light Therapy was able to get me through it. Light Therapy is more potent than opioid drugs without harmful side effects or interactions with any other medicines. It’s a technology that can change healthcare and save millions of families from the tragedy of the Opioid Epidemic.

What can concerned citizens do to help fight the Opioid Crisis?

They can call their local state and federal officials and ask them to help pass legislation to have photobiomodulation (Light Therapy) covered by health insurance companies.

Why is the Opioid Crisis so bad that business leaders, scientists, and doctors are testifying in front of Congress?

To me, opioids were never about helping people but only about making money. Billions of dollars were made of these deadly drugs. I can only think that the reason it took so many people to correct this injustice is because so many innocent people died. Also, those people are so fed up with how much greed is involved. 

What can Congress do to make Light Therapy more accessible to people who are suffering from pain and opioid addiction?

I believe with the help of everyone calling their local state and federal officials, the money that has been set aside to battle the opioid crisis could be used to educate more people about the use of Light Therapy and pay for people who can’t afford light Therapy. 

How did you first learn about Light Therapy, and when did you realize it was so amazing that you decided to spend your life promoting it?

My first interaction with Light Therapy was after my thoracic surgery; I had such horrible nerve pain. Opioid drugs only made me sick, so a friend of mine recommended that I try Light Therapy. Light Therapy has also helped my wife in her surgeries with no opioids for pain. 

How did Congress react to your testimony?

There were so many brilliant and intelligent people testifying on the efficacy of Light Therapy, but my testimony was really based upon my own personal experience with Light Therapy. I thought it was very well received, and it was an honor to be part of the process. 

What was the most persuasive case/argument that affected Congress the most?

The strongest argument was that opioids have killed so many Americans and ruined so many families. Light Therapy has absolutely no side effects or harmful interactions with any other drugs. I believe Congress was so impressed by 5 decades of clinical research on this solution, and they were wondering why no one had ever suggested it. 

What was the weakest case presented to Congress?

The weakest case was when a representative from the pharmaceutical industry recommended more drugs instead of less; this would make the problem worse.  I think after hearing all the devastation from opioids, it was hard to listen to it. 

What do you think the Light Therapy needs to do to be able to influence and convince Congress?

Well, Light Therapy has convinced Congress. They are now giving millions of dollars to educate nurses and advocate the public about its effectiveness. I think the challenge ahead is to support companies like ours that are trying to give Light Therapy a low-cost solution that everyone can afford. 

What does Congress need to do to promote Light Therapy? 

I think they’re doing it; just recently they gave a large nursing school money to educate nurses about Light Therapy and alternative ways to deal with pain. 

What does Congress need to do to to make Light Therapy accessible to everyone?

I believe they need to give more money to people who can’t afford Light Therapy and allow them to get this solution. We’ve seen in our own business that people addicted to opioids and drugs within just a few treatments can be off of the pills altogether. 

What your best example of someone being able to fight opioid addiction with Light Therapy?

I’ve treated several people on opioids, and everyone has had a positive effect from Light Therapy. This treatment allowed them to move on in their life without harmful addictive drugs. 

What is Light Lounge doing to promote Light Therapy?

We’ve lowered the average cost of Light Therapy from $65 down to as low as $5 per session. It’s a big step because Light Therapy technology is still very costly. In the future, we hope to bring down the cost of light Therapy so that everyone can enjoy its benefits and have a longer, happier, healthier, and pain-free life!

What is Light Lounge doing to fight opioid addiction?

We’re making a concerted effort to educate our local community on the options available to people with chronic pain and that opioids are not the answer. 

What is Light Lounge doing to make Light Therapy more accessible to folks?

We are making Light Therapy affordable to everyone, and we hope to make real healthcare accessible to everyone. Light Lounge’s goal is to bring amazing new technologies to the forefront of our communities and make this technology affordable. 


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