Light Therapy – Weight Control and Longevity

Light Therapy and Weight Loss

We understand that there is no secret, nor a shortcut to not only losing weight but also maintaining weight loss. There are many easy things we can do from lifestyle changes (e.g. trying to eat a more balanced nutrient based diet), however, some things may be difficult or even unhealthy (e.g. caloric restriction). Yet, even though many of us may have an exercise routine and diet that is optimized and focused, it may not be enough for long-term health. That is, not only do we want to feel good about ourselves and boost our self-esteem but we also want to focus on health over the long term, longevity, and decrease any mortality risk factors (e.g. obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.). Exposing ourselves to certain, and very specific wavelengths of light can help speed up and maintain our weight loss and health. This is called Light Therapy.

Evidence-Based Light Therapy Benefits

  • Decreases Number of Fat Cells15
  • Target Hard to Lose Areas3
  • Non-Invasive Body Contouring (Shaping)9,11
  • Naturally Decrease Cellulite13
  • Decrease Insulin Resistance16
  • Weight Control12,4
  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors5
  • Decrease Overactive Hunger Hormones7
  • Increased Energy and Power10
  • Decreased Recovery from Exercise and Stressful events2

What is the Science of Light Therapy?

Briefly, light in the mid 600 nm and mid 800 nm ranges induce a decrease in inflammation and oxidative stress at the mitochondrial level8. This increases energy output and resiliency of our bodies at the cellular level8. This process is called Photobiomodulation (PBM) or the more common and less tongue-twisting term – Light Therapy. It has no reported side effects with over 50 years of science and 4000+ research articles and 400 clinical trials.

For a detailed explanation please see our detailed article about Light Therapy.

How Does Light Therapy Reduce Fat?

Light Therapy has been proven to reduce circumference in the waist, hips, and thighs1. The proposed mechanism is that the light, especially in the 630nm – 640 nm range, can create pores in adipocytes (fat cells) allowing them to leak out and get metabolized6,14. This mechanism, however, is debated as some researchers have not been successful at replicating these results. While researchers debate how the cells exactly respond to Light Therapy, all agree that Light Therapy works in conjunction with other treatments, like exercise. This doesn’t mean that you have to become an Olympic athlete, but an exercise and Light Therapy Routine will have an exponentially greater effect than exercise alone.

Where Can I Experience Light Therapy?

Light Lounge is based in Evergreen, CO. We specifically use high-end medical devices that are FDA approved. Book your therapy session here and visit us at our retail location in Evergreen! To be on track with the latest updates and news from PBMT world, connect with us on facebook and twitter. 


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