5G Technology: Is it Safe?

5G What Is It and Where are We Now?

5G is a hot topic these days. It’s a new, advanced wireless technology that has begun to gain momentum in 2019, and has been touted to be 70 times faster than its predecessor, 4G12. 5G remains controversial as there are worries about the health risks it may pose.

In Asia, 5G has exploded. Over 4 million Koreans use 5G phones as of 2019. In China, over 150 million 5G mobile users are expected to use 5G phones by 20201. 5G offers such a powerful internet connection that you can easily download HD movies in a few seconds12. The U.S. is no exception from the global 5G trend. Earlier in December, T-Mobile launched its 5G network (600 MHz), and it began selling its own 5G-powered phones7

The Problem with 5G

The issue with 5G is that its effects on human health, whether short or long term, have not been studied. Furthermore, its effect on the environment has also not been studied. No 5G safety studies have been carried out by the telecom industry nor the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Essentially, no research has carefully assessed the health risks associated with this new cellular technology. Little do we know about the risks of 5G radiation (EMF cellular-induced radiation)2,3

What is EMF Radiation and How 5G is Different?

We are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation (EMF) everywhere and all the time, which for the most part, is perceived as a harmless, non-ionizing, low-level form of radiation. Mobile phones, TV, radio signals, and some street lights are all sources of this kind of radiation10,6

As with previous cellular technologies, 5G networks rely on signals carried by radio waves (which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum), transmitted between an antenna or telecommunication mast and your mobile phone10. However, 5G uses higher frequency waves than earlier mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G), and 5G infrastructure would demand cell antennas roughly every 300 to 700 feet given the technology is fully embraced across urban areas10,9. These antennas effectively create a strong EMF field that surrounds us.

Is it Safe to Implement 5G?

According to scientists, an overwhelming amount of 5G infrastructure in residential areas would potentially expose many people to unstudied forms of electromagnetic fields (EMFs)9,2. Animal and plant life would also be at risk9.

For example, 4G frequencies go as high as 6GHz, while 5G would expose biological life to pulsed signals in the 30GHz to 100GHz domain, up to 16 times as much. The general public has never before been exposed to such high frequencies for significant amounts of time2. So, safe is a difficult word to use when it comes to 5G radiation because it’s unstudied.

It may be a while until we truly understand the full effects of 5G, however: 

  • Although EMF radiation is generally perceived as harmless, it has been scientifically associated with some types of cancer, insomnia, and mental health disorders4,11,8.
  • More than 240 scientists who have published peer-reviewed research on the biologic and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) call for stronger exposure limits to EMF, which in particular addresses 5G radiation9.
  • Residents in Gateshead in the U.K. have alleged that street lamps emitting 5G radiation are responsible for causing insomnia, chronic nosebleeds, and stillbirths following their installation in 20168.
  • The key issue is that there’s not enough research on it.

Prepare for 5G and protect your family

There are several things you can do in regards to 5G protection. We don’t yet know the full effects of 5G radiation, so better be safe than sorry. 

Try to keep a distance from 5G. If you own a 5G phone, don’t let it grow on your hand. Keep it away from your body when you don’t really need it. If you are carrying a bag, put your phone in the bag instead of in your pocket. 

Don’t keep your phone next to you by night. Avoid exposure to 5G radiation during your sleep. You are not going to use your phone while you sleep, right? Keep it in another room or simply switch it off as it stays on your bedside table. 

Educate yourself on the most common sources of 5G radiation. As the world proceeds to fully embrace 5G technology, news on everything 5G will only get more common. Stay in the loop. Read, follow, and discuss 5G news with friends and especially those around you who are science geeks.

Take care of your diet. Paying attention to your diet is never a bad idea. Foods rich in antioxidants (such as berries, beans, dark chocolate) can aid your body from overexposure to EMF radiation5.

Protect yourself and your family with EMF protection devices. At the Light Lounge Shop, you can find three such world-class products that can shield EMF: a Qi-Home Cell, Qi-Mobile Maple, and Qi Shield. They work by reducing the effects of non-ionizing radiation on the human body.

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